What is the most promising future for the medical circle in the next 10 years?

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An authoritative source told reporters on June 2 that the "National Manufacturing Power Leadership Group" will be formed in the near future and the relevant approval will be passed soon. Xiaobian analysis of this news is undoubtedly a good news for the development of domestic high-end medical equipment, high-end medical equipment will usher in rapid development in the next 10 years.

>>>The National Manufacturing Power Leadership Group was formed in the near future

       The “National Manufacturing Power Leadership Group” is the top leading organization of the “Made in China 2025” strategy. It is headed by relevant leaders of the State Council and composed of relevant departments and units of the State Council. Under the overall coordination of the leading group, the state will also set up several “Made in China 2025” important consulting and implementation organizations. Among them, the “Construction Committee for Manufacturing Strong Country Construction” will undertake research on forward-looking and strategic major issues in the development of manufacturing industry, and provide consultation and evaluation on major manufacturing decisions.

>>>The development of medical devices will undergo "quality change"

       "Made in China 2025" proposes to improve the innovation capability and industrialization level of medical devices, focusing on the development of high-performance medical equipment such as imaging equipment and medical robots, high-value medical consumables such as fully degradable vascular stents, and mobile medical products such as wearable and remote medical treatment. . Breakthrough and application of new technologies such as biological 3D printing and induced pluripotent stem cells. According to industry analysts, in recent years, the development of China's medical device industry has been gratifying, but from the perspective of overall development, it is concentrated in the low-end and mid-end products. The high-end product market has always been a “universal world” for foreign-funded enterprises. It is expected that in the next 10 years, the development of China's medical device industry will usher in earth-shaking changes. The development of China's medical device industry will gradually shift from heavy quantity and output to heavy quality and brand. The market structure will undergo a fundamental transformation. Innovative enterprises with strong scientific research capabilities and strong brand influence will be the mainstream of the market.

>>>High-end medical equipment is shining in front

       A person in charge of a medical device company in Beijing told reporters that China's medical device high-end market has been almost monopolized by imported brands, and domestic brands with a high proportion of export products are mostly in the low-end market. "Made in China 2025" clearly defines biomedicine and high-performance medical devices as one of the top ten areas for development. The introduction of this policy will further promote the support of relevant departments for the development of high-performance medical devices, and at the same time greatly stimulate medical devices. The passion of enterprise innovation. In addition, medical equipment is the fastest growing industry in China in recent years, and the average annual growth rate has been above 20% for many years, far higher than the average growth rate of the national economy. China has become the world's third largest medical device market after the United States and Japan. However, high-tech medical equipment has always been the 'short board' of China's medical device industry.

       With tremendous momentum, in the future, more and more "Made in China" products will appear in the high-end medical device market at home and abroad.

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