Industrialization and information integration project officially started
On the morning of Oct. 16, 2017, the "Start-up Meeting of Achieving the Tender of Integration Management System" was held in the confer-
ence room on the third floor of the company. Ding Cunlin, General Manager of the company, Kong Linghu, Director of the City Integration Promotion Center, members of the project expert group and the company's relevant responsible persons, information management personnel 20 people attended the meeting.
At the meeting, General Manager Ding Cunlin first summarized and prospected the importance of the integration of the two and the develop-
ment status and future direction of the company's information construction, and put forward specific requirements for the next step to carry out the integration of the two. General Ding emphasized that in order to achieve great development of traditional industries, we must keep up with the requirements of the times, rationally allocate resources with the support of information technology, enhance competitive efficiency and create a sustainable development model. He asked the whole staff of the company to attach great importance to the integration of industrializa
tion and informationization, start with the informationization planning, do real work, promote the informationization construction of the company in an orderly manner, provide timely and accurate data for production and business decision-making, improve operational efficiency, realize the deep integration of industrialization and informationization as soon as possible, and help health care to create brilliance again.
Then, according to the development of industry, Director Kong Linghu of the Municipal Industry and Information Commission's Integration Promotion Center elaborates on three aspects: why enterprises should implement the integration of industrialization and information technology, the specific situation of the integration of industrialization and information technology in promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Taizhou City, and how enterprises should do a good job in the integration of the two, hoping that health care can be promoted through the promotion of health care. We should enter the two converged construction, improve quality and efficiency, reshape brand brilliance and embark on a high-speed and efficient development road. Finally, Li Le, an expert of the project team, introduced to the participants the concrete implementation plan and work deployment of the integration project, and answered the relevant questions.
The convening of this meeting marks the company's formal entry into the implementation of the standardized integration management system, and has taken a solid step for the reconstruction and upgrading of health care information.
Blood collection management system settled in multiple hospitals
The leaders of Hunan Provincial visited our company
On June 14, Zheng Su, deputy director of the Hunan Food and Drug Administration, accompanied by Wang Shenglin, director of the Medical Devices Department of the Hunan Food and Drug Administration, attended the investigation and guidance of health care. Accompanied by the Provincial Bureau of medical equipment director Feng Zhiyuan, Taizhou City leaders Gao Zhengping, Chen Wei, Chen Jinglian, Zhong Jin.
Just arrived at our company, Director Zheng and his team went to the workshop to understand the production process, and went to the injection molding, purification, storage and logistics workshop to inspect the production site.
At the seminar, Director Zheng first listened to Ding Cunlin, general manager of health care, report on the company's main situation. After listening to the report, Zheng Bureau raised questions about the company's medical equipment product declaration and logistics management safety. Wang Shenglin, director of the medical equipment department of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, organized discussions and said that the Provincial Pharmaceutical Administration would help the public. To solve problems and promote the continuous development of the company.
Finally, Director Zheng asked the company to attach great importance to quality work, hope that the company's healthy development, to make more contributions to the medical and mechanical work in Jiangsu Province.
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