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KJMC-V Automatic 96-channel Capper/Decapper

  • KJMC-V


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Product Overview

Overview & Features:  The KJMC-V automatic Capper/Decapper is designed for decapping and capping on full racks of SBS cryovials. It is applicable in areas such as biological research, new pharmaceuticals development, biobanking,  assisted reproductive technology, conservation of flora and fauna, stem cell and regenerative medicine, and immunocellular therapy, particularly in environments where there is a substantial need for sample handling. The device incorporates advanced Internet of Things (IoT) principles, enabling connectivity with various types of automated production lines and providing remote maintenance services. It aims to offer an automated,  standardized, controllable, user-friendly, and reliable operation, reducing the workload of staff, enhancing everyday work efficiency, and lowering the uncontrollable risks associated with fatigue and repetitive tasks. It  is an ideal complementary product for all kinds of biological specimen banks and research institutions. 

◎ Efficient and Fast:  The entire process of decapping and capping takes less than 20 seconds, minimizing the risk of sample exposure and enhancing work efficiency. 

◎ Controllable Torque:  Uniform torque distribution settings are used, reducing the uncertainty associated with manual cap opening and closing.

◎ Modular Design:  This device is adaptable to various brands of cryotubes available in the market by replacing with customized screwdriver heads.

◎ Compact Size:  Suitable for multiple application scenarios. 

◎ Easy Operation:  Equipped with a touchscreen for control and display of the working process, making the operation more intuitive and controllable. 

◎ Real-Time Alarm Function:  Features data management and alarm systems to reduce sample damage due to human error.

◎ Integration Capability:  Can be integrated into automated systems based on specific application needs.

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