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Micro Centrifuge Tube

  • 5ml


  • 091-5001

  • PP

  • Please specify the specific requirements in the order basket.



REF. Material Volume capacity RCF Qty in bag Qty in case Detailed information
091-5001 PP 5ml 19300×g 200 4000 Snap Cap, Transparent, Multi color available

Product Overview

◎ Made of medical grade polypropylene (PP). No release agents, plasticizers and bacteriostatic agents added in the production process, and no any heavy metal ions.

◎ Microcentrifuge tubes are available in 0.2mL, 0.5mL, 1.5mL, 2mL, and 5mL, etc. 

◎ The tube cap can be opened and closed by easy one-hand operation.

◎ Excellent polypropylene material, chemical resistance and low temperature resistance, temperature resistance: -80ºC to +121ºC without deformation.

◎ The part surface of the cap and tube area is frosted for easy labeling.

◎ EO, radiation sterilization method or no sterilization is optional.

◎ DNAase and RNAase free, pyrogen free products can be customized as required.未标题-1_画板 1

Feature 1: (Ultra) Low Residue

In laboratory molecular biology research, in order to maximize the recovery rate of samples, to ensure that the subsequent analysis is accurate and reliable, the minimization of sample loss is very necessary for low concentration samples (such as low concentration of proteins / DNA, etc.). Centrifuge tubes with low or ultra-low adsorption interiors significantly reduce sample (protein/DNA) residue on the tube wall and maximize protein/DNA recovery.


Feature 2: High safety

◎ Snap-on safety cap design can effectively prevent the centrifuge tube from popping or bursting during the experimental operation and providing the maximum safety coefficient, especially when heating the tube body. 

◎ centrifuge tube with screw cap and silica O-ring can effectively prevent leakage, and the hinge design for the tube and the screw cap avoids cross contamination.


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